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  Medication Side Effects - MEDS  

The Matson Evaluation of Drug Side-effects (MEDS) is a 93 item scale designed to assess side effects common to psychotropic medication use. Parents/caretakers familiar with the individual rates each item. Nine domains comprise the MEDS: 1) Cardiovascular/Hematologic; 2) Gastrointestinal; 3) Endocrine/Genitourinary; 4) Eye/Ear/Nose/Throat; 5) Skin/Allergies/Temperature; 6) CNS-General; 7) CNS-Dystonia; 8) CNS-Parkinsonism/Dyskinesia; and 9) CNS-Akathasia. Sample items include 'Rapid breathing'; 'Change in appetite'; 'Excessive hair loss'; 'Rashes'; and 'Tires easily.'


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