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  Psychopathology - QABF-MI  

The Questions about Behavioral Function-Mental Illness (QABF-MI) is rating scale, similar to the QABF, developed to assess behavioral function of people with serious mental illness. Caretakers familiar with the individual rates each item. The instrument yields five categories reflecting the behavioral functions of Attention, Escape, Physical, Tangible, and Nonsocial. The QABF-MI is an indirect assessment of behavioral function that consists of 25 items. Each question is scored along a four point likert-type scale anchored with frequency descriptors of Never, Rarely, Some, and Often. Sample items include: ' Engages in the behavior to get attention'; 'Engages in the behavior to get access to items such as preferred toys, food, or beverages'; 'Engages in the behavior when there is nothing else to do'; 'Engages in the behavior to escape work or learning situations'; and 'Engages in the behavior more frequently when he/she is ill'


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