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Disability Consultants is a company that focuses on the needs of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through the publication of assessments that measure many important issues that affect this population. Measures are available to assess social skills and adaptive behavior, co-occurring psychopathology, challenging behaviors, psychotropic medication side effects, feeding disorders, and autism spectrum disorders.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Social Skills


Challenging Behaviors

Medication Side Effects

Feeding Problems

Assess for the presence of core symptoms of autism spectrum disorders.

Assess for strengths and weaknesses in social behaviors.

Assess for symptoms of co-occurring conditions.

Assess for functions of problematic behaviors.

Assess for adverse effects from psychotropic medications.

Assess for symptoms indicative of feeding disorders.

Each measure is completed by a parent/caretaker and takes approximately 10-15 minutes to administer and 5-10 minutes to score. Many of the measures include frequency, severity, and duration scores. Frequency is used for scoring. Duration and severity scores are for clinical use.

A number of our tests have been translated into different languages but does NOT always apply to the manuals. Please, contact us about availability of translated manuals.

**Sample copies of the tests are not provided but example items are available on this website. **